Who am I?

I’m a member of the UK Labour Party. I consider myself to be of the democratic socialist tradition and I’m a former member of momentum.

I’m an activist but as you can imagine lockdown is stifling those ambitions.

I’m a writer, I’m currently the Editor for an as yet unnamed platform.

This platform is my own personal blog and also provides a index of other articles and pieces I have written for Liberal Base and others.

I study (approaching graduation) History and Politics BA at the University of Sheffield.

Right now if you had to ask me what my views on things were they would be a weird mish-mash of various bits of mumbo-jumbo. I’m currently experiencing a premature mid-life political crisis.

I’ve been steaming through books during lockdown including listening to The Benn Diaries read by Tony Benn himself. I’m currently reading On Populist Reason by Ernesto Laclau.

Please follow me on twitter: @danny_hod

My email is: dannyhodson.blog@gmail.com

Any abuse, bullshittery, personal insults etc. etc. will be reported, removed, blocked, whatever – you should really be able to convey your argument without being a tit.