Liberal Base Articles

24/04/2020: We May Have Lost But Corbynism’s Legacy Is Astonishing

29/06/2020: Division and the Quest for Identity will be the Downfall of Democracy 

03/07/2020: This Is The Real Centre Ground and It’s Time Progressives Got Wise To It

25/07/2020: Labour – Stop Moaning About Johnson And Offer An Alternative

22/08/2020: Did Mission Impossible Just Become Possible?

19/09/2020: Why Do We Do This?

30/10/2020: Corbyn, Starmer and the fallout from the EHRC report

22/12/2020: Disaster A Year On – Is There A Way Back For The Labour Party?

16/01/2021: ‘Despised’ – Book Review

17/01/2021: Should Footballers Take The Knee?

24/01/2021: The government that could have been

Personal Blog Articles

01/07/2020: UBI: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

24/07/2020: Stop Moaning About Johnson And Get On With Offering Up An Alternative (REVISED)

19/09/2020: A State of Flux: The Hegemonic Status of Ideas, Their Role In History and The Rebirth Of Populist Methodology

24/01/2021: The Politics of Experience

13/02/2021: Why do I have an aversion to identity politics?

Old Blog Articles

20/01/2020: Labour Is In Crisis – It’s Time We Faced Up To Some Truths

‘Can I Make A Point?’ Podcast

18/01/2021: Episode 1 – Paul Embery Makes His Point

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